01 March 2009

a little lost

I don't know what to write. I'm feeling a little, well.... See, I've been a bit preoccupied for the last couple of weeks ever since I got back from a lovely trip down to Wilmington, North Carolina to visit a friend (pictures to share from that trip later - I promise). She's always good about lending me fun new books to read and this trip to visit was no exception.

She had no idea she'd awakened a monster, however. I have been skipping meals, ignoring phone calls, and not showering, all to continue trying to quench my thirst (pun very much intended) for those darn teeny-bopper Twilight books. It's crazy, I know! I need help. I guess I should have seen this coming. I had an obsession with the movie The Lost Boys when I was in my tweens. The movie poster plastered on the slanted ceiling above my bed. I guess I should just admit that angst-ridden hot teenage vampires are my thing. I'm a little embarrassed but happy to get that off my chest. Whew!

Now, here comes the hard part - what to read next? What could possibly stack up?


Mommy, Esq. said...

oooh. I was so thinking of buying or borrowing the series. You are like the third person I know who loves them so I need to check them out. Have I mentioned lately that I miss you?!

Christine said...

Have you read "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice? A little more grown up, very well written and just freakishly good! I read the whole book in 2 or 3 days. Too bad the rest of that series doesn't hold a candle to this first one...I think I have it in paperback somewhere. I'll trade you for the Twilight books :o)