03 March 2009

Wilmington weekend

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Christine and I took a wonderful road trip to visit our dear friend Suzy in Wilmington, North Carolina - her new adopted hometown. Such a peaceful weekend spent with lots of wine, good food, and beautiful scenery. Downtown Wilmington has such a great vibe - I really do love towns where you can walk to shops, restaurants, and parks (although we did a lot of staying in too - Suzy's tortilla soup and sangria were just too yummy). We did make it out for some meals: dinner at YoSake for some great sushi and bubbly sake, breakfast at Barista Cafe with the best homemade potato chips ever (yes, chips are breakfast fare - I mean, they're just like hashbrowns right?), and brunch on our last day at not-quite-downtown Jester's. We didn't do anything cultural in the least (unless you can count watching hours of Tom Jones as "cultural") but next time I just might have to venture into the Cape Fear Serpentarium just to mix it up.

On our morning of departure I realized I hadn't taken a single picture - no crazy slumber party pics, but I did manage to snap some tidbits when I took an early morning walk before the others had started to stir...

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Janet said...

I am sorry I missed the girls' weekend. We'll have to plan another one soon. xo