09 April 2009

Curly kale casserole

Well, I've been keeping a little quiet about it, but this past weekend marked an important occasion in my overall happiness: the Fredericksburg City farmer's market had more than two vendors - this is officially the start of the season! There was the cheese makers; the herb guy (who walked away with $10 of my hard-earned cash in exchange for borage, lavender, and dill plants as well as this fantastic nutmeg-scented geranium); some random plant vendors; and those with mixed offerings (eggs, soap, flowers).

There was sadly only one veggie vendor (C&T Produce of Stafford County, VA) but their offerings were plentiful (albeit not all local or organic). I walked away with a huge bag of curly kale and a pint of red-skinned potatoes. I love me some kale. The watercress was also plentiful at C&T and some local chef arrived when I was there and loaded bag after bag of the stuff - guess there is a great watercress dish being offered now somewhere in Fredericksburg!

Inspiration for what to do with my kale and potatoes came from one of my favorite recipe sites: a kale and potato gratin. I did alter it a bit, adding some skim milk, leaving out the bread crumbs, and using lowfat cheddar cheese. But it gives the kale a great garlicky taste and yum, yum, yum. I added in some crumbled faux meat for some of my meals of it (makes a good amount) but the pure potato/kale combo can't be beat. Horray for leafy greens!


T. said...

Oooh, I am so jealous about your farmers market!! Ours doesn't start till the first weekend in June :-) I will have to try your kale casserole, I need to learn how to enjoy those greens!

Gretchen said...

Yes - try this recipe. Next time I make it I'd actually leave out the cheese and add in some more spices (definitely pepper and maybe some red pepper) and keep the salt and garlic. I know you don't like cheesy dishes and this is good - it makes the kale all mushy and garlicky, so I think you'd like it!

Anonymous said...

Happy day when the farmer's market starts returning to its former glory :)

Anonymous said...

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