08 April 2009

Pentas and plots

The best thing about having your own garden (beside the pure enjoyment of digging in the dirt) is bringing a little bit of the garden inside. A handful of pentas now adorns my bathroom vanity in a great little Fenton glass vase that I think I got when I was ten or so. So sweet.

I've been working a little bit here and there on getting my garden in order. Weeding was the major order of business this past weekend and I filled three buckets with weeds to add to my new composter (once I figure out how to set it up!).

I also assessed my current garden plots and started a gardening journal of sorts - a spiral notebook where I have so far drawn (not-to-scale) layouts of my two large backyard plots with each plant identified. I do, however, have one plant that is a question mark. Oh, if only I started this journal two years ago when I did my first digs... I'm going to attempt recording my other plots as well but may have to wait, first for the plants to come in a bit more, and second for my mother to come visit so she can help me figure out what is what!


Janet said...

I am envious! So pretty..and what fun to plot the plots.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the composter!! It's a world of fun. Who knew anything garbage related would bring so much self satisfaction. :)