13 April 2009

Egg salad and SweeTarts

A lovely Easter with the family at my grandmother's house - lots of wine drinking, cavorting, and other sorts of fun was had. I came home laden with my new Earth Machine, SweeTarts jelly beans and chicks & ducks candy, as well as some dyed eggs ready for making into deviled eggs or egg salad. I love both deviled eggs and egg salad, but for some reason don't make them regularly. I guess if I did it would take the specialness (is that a word?) out of it.

My favorite egg salad will be in the works tonight when I get home. It is a Greek egg salad with a combination of hard-boiled eggs, a little mayo and mustard, some chopped kalamata olives, dill, and pepper. It'll make a great lunch treat throughout the week on some wheat bread (from my bread maker) with fresh spinach (from the farmer's market). Or I might get adventurous and try a new recipe - perhaps this one with avocado?


Mommy, Esq. said...

I don't like olives in my egg salad but I know you don't like onions. That's why neither of us like Mimi's recipe. :)

Anonymous said...

And I like Olives AND onions. :) I also forget about this egg salad option and it's such an easy thing to make for a quick lunch.

Janet said...

I just love egg salad...especially when you make it from dyed eggs...it always turns out such funny colors! Happy Easter!