16 April 2009

Here comes the sun

I've been protesting the lack of sunshine and abundance of cold, bone-chilling, rainy weather by not corresponding with the outside world at all (with the exception of my mother who would worry if we didn't have our regular phone calls). Monday was the last day with sunshine around here - I found myself doing curator stuff outside of my office and took the opportunity to enjoy the day a bit by gazing for a few minutes into the pond on the property. I love how the sunshine bounces off the water's ripples. Ah, I love bodies of water. Not for swimming, mind you, but just for the calming effect they tend to have.

Well, low and behold I awake today to another day of sunshine. I have my fingers crossed that the April showers are over for now... I have gardening to do for goodness sake!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Yeh - you'd better get busy with the gardening. Those dandelions aren't just going to grow by themselves! Oh, wait...