24 May 2009

Kitchen window

I have some real projects I meant to tackle this weekend. All the tasks center around two big ideas: my house needs its (now a little late) spring cleaning and my garden still needs some plantings. I know these two things - cleaning and gardening - are never quite "done" and I feel I am perpetually falling behind. This weekend was supposed to be relatively quiet (besides having to work yesterday), but has turned into quite an active one. Not that I'm complaining that I have friends and we do fun stuff together!

This morning I'm bugged by my kitchen window (let alone the dishes sitting in the sink beneath it). The plants on the windowsill all need some tender loving care. The geranium is still in its plastic container and needs a proper home; the coleus needs to be planted in my shade beds in the front of my house (have been rooting those in water since last summer); the philodendron needs to be added to a planter I have in the kitchen; and that poor nutmeg geranium needs some trimming/replanting as it has gotten a little leggy. And that's just inside.

But, that will wait until this evening. Off in a little bit to battle the roads to visit Grandma. Maybe we'll do a trip to Target as an errand and I can check some other things off my to-do list.

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Janet said...

Oh, but the window is so perfectly picturesque!