29 May 2009

In review

Well, the week is almost over and I can't even remember what has happened over the past few days. Having worked on Saturday, I have today off as a comp day and am sitting here at the kitchen table with a big cup of coffee as one of my cats nudges me annoyingly to play fetch. I've thrown her toy at least a dozen times now but she's still going strong. I need more coffee.

Monday was a very productive and enjoyable day - most of it spent at IKEA buying bookshelves and throw rugs for my house along with friends who needed to outfit brand new houses or just needed some fun new bedding. I got a great hot pink bumpy throw rug for my office - I'll be putting together the bookshelves for in there this weekend and will let you know how it turns out. I definitely need to reorganize in there.

Played a little tennis (and I say played in a very loose way) with a coworker on Tuesday evening after work. Yesterday had a dermatologist appointment in Richmond for my annual mole check (only had to have one removed - yea!) followed by shopping. Very dangerous - discovered an Anthropologie down there. Oh how glorious. Bought a few things off their sale racks (this in purple; this in a fun green). How I love the girly clothes (and love the fact that they have great sales!).

Will try to get a little gardening in this morning and over the weekend. That is, if it doesn't rain the whole time. Not that I'm complaining - raining means I don't have to water and my plants grow big and strong. Need to call the local dump to see if they have mulch in stock. Nothing like free mulch from the dump. Classy.


Anonymous said...

Cute clothes!

Don't you fret none about getting that mulch! Repurposing things at the dump is good for the earth and, therefore, super classy!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Your kitten plays fetch? Too cute.

miss bess said...

OMG - is that hot pink rug from Ikea?!!! I gotta get there...