30 May 2009

Saturday list

~Plant poppy seeds, cosmos seeds, lily of the valley, and spider plants in front beds. Record in garden notebook. Water. Check.
~Mow lawn (while old man neighbor watches). Um, half check.
~Make 'ouch' noises as the open wound in my back from having mole removed starts to smart. Check.
~Sit on a chair in the backyard and enjoy a little shade and pet the neighborhood cat that has wandered by. Check.
~Try to capture on film scavenging bumblebee in search of pretty purple flower joy. Check.

1 comment:

M said...

Sounds so much more fulfilling than my Saturday was! Lay on couch, check. Lay on bed, check. Make tea, check. Lay on couch again, check...

Can't wait to see the new palntings in the front bed - with allt he rain we've gotten, it should all spring up nicely!