06 June 2009

Green peas and hard rain

On Thursday I broke into the fantastic, fresh English green peas picked up last week at the farmers' market. I tried to make a springtime potato, asparagus, and pea "meatloaf" (from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian) but it went sadly downhill when I, in lieu of a potato masher, decided to try my immersion blender. Green paste, anyone?

I was so looking forward to the start of my CSA bag program today. But this message came across e-mail yesterday:

Hello people, sorry I will not be at the market this week. I will see you on the 13th with your goodies.
Thank you Cub Creek Farms

How sad am I? Maybe it was all the hard rain we got this week. I still made my way to the market this morning, but the two large organic farm booths were not there (one being Cub Creek) and the smaller organic growers with their limited offerings really had nothing I needed (I already have lettuce and eggs). So I bit the bullet and bought some non-organic English peas figuring that you shell them anyway, right? Well, I'm definitely looking forward to the start of my organic CSA next week.

I need to make my way to Border's this weekend to pick up this book on preserving all of these good fruits and vegetables available at the market.

Some recipes I'm thinking of using:
How about you? How do you like to eat your peas?


Anonymous said...

I take the raw peas, fava beans, mint, lemon juice, parmesan and olive oil, salt/pepper, and food process it. Spread it on toast or use as a dip.

T. said...

RE: above - yum! I am going to have to try that.

L. said...

I love eating peas raw from the pod; I used to do it all of the time when I was little and had a garden to forage from!