24 June 2009

Mouse traps and artichokes

The mouse was caught. That's my biggest news. I put that little green house down with a snippet of cracker in the built-in cracker compartment and *pow* the next morning the little mouse was waiting for me. I set him free in the woods far, far away. Fingers crossed he didn't grow too attached to me and my filing cabinets.

This week I steamed and then baked artichokes stuffed with herby breadcrumbs. A whole lotta work for not a whole lotta artichoke meat, if you ask me. But it was fun! I've been using my How to Cook Everything Vegetarian to delve into new ways to do things or ways to do new things. (Does that even make sense?) In my kitchen this week I have the following to tackle: potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, beets, kohlrabi, white turnips, peas, snap peas, daylily bulbs (?), squash, and mushrooms. Any ideas for me?

Tonight my friend Elizabeth is spending the night and we're having farmers' market pizzas. I've roasted some garlic, broccoli, and (purple!) cauliflower and she brought some mushrooms along for our toppings. I'm really hoping that purple cauliflower stays purple. Not enough foods in the world are naturally purple (right T and Einat?!).


M said...

Thank God the saga of the mouse has come to a happy end! I was worried that you might have to resort to more extreme measures!

Einat said...

I had one purple cauliflour turn white and one stay purple (in soup form -- which was kinda weird).

T. said...

Artichokes are definitely one of those foods...lots of effort, for not a lot of food in the end. Ah well.

Purple soup!?