29 June 2009

And the livin' is easy

Is it Monday already? I'm definitely looking forward to the short holiday work week this week. This time of year I hate being holed up inside - I'd rather battle the humidity in order to be outside walking, weeding, lounging. I need a hammock. Ugh, wouldn't that be a dream? Oh, and a gorgeous backyard garden to enjoy it in with a big cherry tree (oh wait, didn't my backyard neighbors cut one of those down) for some shade. Well, a girl can dream.

I do have two little zucchinis just starting in my garden. The eggplant isn't so hopeful right now. I'm still battling those darn flea beetles. I hope they don't keep away the eggplant babies.

My summertime bag-carrying has commenced. This week I'm going with the big green floral oilcloth bag with cool square silver handles. (Not too comfortable to carry in the crook of your elbow, but one must suffer to look stylish I suppose.) It just makes me feel happy. That and I can now live in cute skirts, tank tops, and flip-flops without getting stares on the streets. Ah, I love summertime (well, I could leave the mosquitoes).

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M said...

Once again, beautiful flower arrangement! Have you ever thought about becoming a florist? Or are they calling it a "floral designer" these days?