10 June 2009


Yet another fantastic rain storm hit us last night. As I was driving home we started getting the amazing, swirling, light-fantastic sky. Since moving down to this spot at the confluence of lots of waterways, I've been amazed at the storms. I like to believe it has something to do with all the water and humidity - it makes for some pretty light-shows (some tornadoes and hurricanes too).

I have been neglecting my weeding duties and some massive dandelions have made their way into my backyard plot. Must attend to that one evening when it isn't raining. My dill plant is going hog-wild, though, with all the rain. I'm thinking that egg salad sandwiches or deviled eggs with the fresh dill must be on the agenda for the weekend - I have a picnic to attend so it might be perfect.

Otherwise, I haven't been doing much cooking. Once it gets hot the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven. I did bite the bullet last night, though, to make a pizza with whole wheat crust (Trader Joe's dough), young yellow squash from the farmers' market that I had roasted with olive oil and sea salt, and a sprinkling of feta that I had languishing in the fridge. It was pretty good (thanks for the inspiration, Almostima). I wanted to add some fresh basil on top, but was too lazy to strap on my rain gear and get out in my garden. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

I also love cucumber-dill salad! :-D

Janet said...

Wild storms up here last night too. Quite a lightening show from my desk! I waited at work until the worst of it was over...