16 July 2009

Click clack

The last time I was on a train was a long-distance jaunt to Boston for Mommy, Esq.'s baby shower. I leave again this evening for that same journey, but this time to meet the little munchkins and see my favorite girlfriends. Am I packed? No. But I just finished mowing my lawn, laundry is in the dryer or hanging on the drying rack, and the taxi has been reserved to get us to the train station. I have a list and am working through the items, but must admit that I hate packing for trips. I am very much an over-packer. Even when I plan things out day by day I always throw extras in "just in case".

To get myself into vacation mindset I took today off work even when I didn't really need to. I slept in (7:00AM), took a walk to the ATM and coffeeshop, came home and watched a little HGTV. I could get used to those sorts of mornings.

Last night I baked Potatoes Provencal from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian in order to use up some tomatoes and potatoes that I had lingering in the kitchen. It was very easy - layering slices of potatoes and tomatoes with kalamata olives, thyme, and olive oil drizzle in a baking dish and cooking for about 40 minutes on 400 degrees. I'll eat the leftovers for lunch and dinner before heading to the station. Now I need to figure out what to pack for snacks on the train. A big bottle of water and dry roasted edamame should be good. I plan on sleeping and reading, not really eating (fingers crossed I get a seat to myself to lay down).

When I get back I should have full-grown zucchinis awaiting me. Just little flowered babies right now. That reminds me, I should go water the garden...


Janet said...

Have fun in Bean Town!

miss bess said...

Have a great time! Next train trip for you two? PITTSBURGH!!!