14 July 2009

Where to start?

Where to start?
  • Well, the fourth of July came and went with some fireworks, many drinks, and two rambunctious dogs. I discovered quite accidentally that the Fredericksburg, VA fireworks can actually be viewed from my front yard, so Christine, L, and I all pulled up some chairs and had a nice view without any work at all.
  • I've been in crazy object research mode at work - English delftware fragments (above) and champagne corks and all sorts of other crazy things fall into my lap and need to be taken care of. Guess I can't complain that my job is boring, right?!
  • My mother was just here for an extended girls' weekend and we had a lot of fun shopping, getting pedicures, watching movies, and drinking her Hungry Girl margaritas made out of crystal light powder, diet lemon-lime soda, and tequila. My cats sure enjoyed having Grandmama visit (I must admit that I did too!).
  • I harvested my very first zucchini. It was very exciting. I oohed and aahed over it and made my mother do the same. And then we made it into tempura.
This week I leave for a little train excursion up to Boston. Can't wait to see old friends, meet some new pint-sized ones, and just have fun getting out of the house. Boston - you'd better warm up - my Virginia blood can't stand any cold weather!


T. said...

Um, yeah, it's going to be 68 degrees on Saturday. It is not warm here.

L. said...

Thanks for the fun Fourth of July; I can't wait for the next girls' night!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Looking forward to seeing you! But I wouldn't hold out for heat:) (helen on mommy, esq.'s computer)

T. said...

FORECAST UPDATE - 86 degrees on Friday - the weather gods must have known you were coming Gret!! However, cool, cloudy and rainy on Saturday, our typical summer weather this year. That's okay though :-)