31 October 2009

Little white pumpkin

Trick-or-treaters, where are you?! There is a big bowl of candy just waiting for the little goblins to appear. My little white pumpkin survived the porch this year and the orange one I set out as a decoy has only rotted a little bit (got him for free from the church's 'rotten' pile).

I'm planning on heading out later tonight to a live music venue that just opened in town - The Otter House - and listen to a little Halloween reggae. Yes, it does sound strange, but I know it'll be fun. Sadly I didn't get my act together enough to get a costume, but have a black sweater and orange bangle bracelet. That's enough, right?

1 comment:

Helen said...

don't you just love white pumpkins? i've never carved mine, so i love seeing yours! i should post a picture of what I did with mine at school- pretty cute too