27 October 2009

Misty Monday ...er...Tuesday

I spent all day yesterday in my sweats. I watched the whole of Gone With The Wind with great joy. I drank a big ole glass of red wine with my dinner. I had a cat on my lap at all times to keep me warm. All in all, I had a great day off work after two weeks of days and nights researching, writing, schmoozing and pressing the flesh. It is so tiring being "on" all the time.

Back to the grind today and I'm actually in for another few days of pressing the flesh and eating dinners with people I have to impress. Ah, such is the glamorous life of a curator.

One fun point in all of this is playing with our new resident cat. Anyone need a cute kitty to call their own?


almostima said...

Oh! Fuzzy Tummy!

T. said...

I didn't think that cat looked familiar.... :-)