17 December 2009

tree joy

The best thing about working from home this time of year? Getting to see the beautiful, glowing Christmas tree throughout the day. What could make me happier? Winning the lottery I guess. And meeting a handsome stranger that sweeps me off my feet. But alas, I must find my joy where I can - with my faux tree with its wooden 'cranberry' garland, whimsical Old World glass ornaments (the pinecone is a new one this year), and Mom-Mom's kitchy Christmas tablecloth as a tree skirt. Does anyone else share my tree joy?


T. said...

Yup. Definitely have the tree joy. It makes me happy to look at it, considering sleeping on the couch one night so I can leave it on all night... :-)

miss bess said...

Love that tree smell! I'm totally obsessed with my very small but very dignified xmas tree this year, too. I only broke one ornament so far! : )