31 December 2009

step toward sanity: corralling the stationary

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I need to organize around the house. I think it is a perpetual goal of mine to be 'organized.' Whatever that really means. It is always just out of reach for me. But I do enjoy trying to get there.

Stationary. Note cards. Thank you notes. Whatever the variety, I do love buying, receiving, and looking at it. I even use it every so often for notes to friends and relatives. But it was taking over my office/guest room. It lived in its individual boxes and packages amongst the books (which also need some organization). Enter extra shoe boxes and contact paper that I had in the supply closet. I made sure to pick boxes of complimentary size (and large enough to fit sheets of writing paper). Cost: $0.

I had been lusting after the look of clean, streamlined offices with pops of color like this and this. Am I there yet? Not a chance. It might have been smarter to opt for a single-color contact paper, but I'm all about being frugal for the new year and this basic beige floral was already in my arsenal. Besides, it's always good to have future projects!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job! And I loved getting your card. (But not as much as Max did... he walked around with it opening and closing it like a book)