22 December 2009

walk in the snow

I made my way out this afternoon to run a few last-minute errands, but there was so much traffic I turned home halfway through and went for a walk instead. Luckily I live within walking distance to shops and the library and my favorite coffee shop, so there wasn't a total lack of practicality or productivity. Besides, I felt good about shopping 'local' instead of at the big box stores (except for the boxes of wine from Target I had to get for Grandma).

An added plus was that I was able to enjoy some little things along the way - like the way the sunlight was hitting the frozen canal. I ran into one acquaintance and had some nice breezy 'hellos' with other people out walking their dogs (I learned that we might get more snow for Christmas) or shoveling snow.

I also bought birdseed ('finally!' said the neighborhood birds). Happy Christmas you little tweeters!


tamilyn said...

You can buy wine at Target?? I live in the wrong state!

Gretchen said...

the joy of living in Virginia :)