30 January 2010

bare branches

It has really smelled like snow for the past couple of days. I stocked up the bird feeder yesterday, took out all the recycling floating around the kitchen, emptied the compost bucket, and in general readied myself for being snowed in.

The snow has started to fall, but from what I hear will be nothing major. But today is a good day for hanging around the house and being productive (soup-making; painting?) and lazy (finishing the new Emma) in good turn.

Some things I'm thinking of today:
~ Ezra Jack Keats' beautifully-written and illustrated The Snowy Day (a true childhood favorite along with Whistle for Willie)
~ A steaming mug of hot cocoa (perhaps inspired by this recipe for peanut butter hot chocolate)
~ Warm banana walnut bread (using the frozen bananas I've stockpiled in the freezer)


M said...

OMG, peanut butter hot chocolate! I just got a new plan for the day!

Helen said...

What do you think of the new Emma? I think so far, so good- I haven't met too much Jane Austen interpretations that I don't like, but I"m curious about your thoughts

Gretchen said...

I'm definitely enjoying this adaptation of Emma. Just watched the second part and it is still delightful - the sets, the costumes, the acting.