25 April 2010

growing: peony buds

Well, our exhibit opening at work went off pretty well on Thursday; no major catastrophes, so that's good news. Our board of directors is now on site and I'm heading into work shortly to start the marathon of meetings, and meals, and cocktails, and mingling that comes with it all. Wish me luck.

The peony bush has eleven (yes, eleven!) buds. And is covered with ants (such is the way with peonies). Fingers crossed the buds don't bloom before I get back home.

Yesterday morning's farmers' market was bustling. I bought a bag of arugula for $2 from Cub Creek Farms. That was all. I need to utilize my fridge of asparagus, kale, etc. before I tackle more veggies. No matter how tempting. I'm thinking of getting a chalkboard for the fridge where I list all the vegetables inside and then cross them off as I use them. I hate wasting veggies (although they can become compost, so not all is lost).


John R. said...

Many best wishes for your board meeting - and all else! I continue to enjoy your posts.

L. said...

I hope you enjoy the presentation on Neat and Plain tomorrow! ;)