29 April 2010

growing: purple

Ahhhh...the board meeting at work was exhausting but is somewhat over (one more event this weekend). It is always a mix of business and pleasure, though, so a week of meetings that involve glowsticks and feather boas and lots of wine can't be too bad, right?

The columbine has bloomed (purple!), the irises are starting to pop (purple too!), the salvia is coming to life (purple!), and the rest of the yard is slowly creeping forward (lots of budding). I have a stack of laundry sitting with me here on the dining room table just waiting to be put away (my least favorite part of laundry).

I haven't yet done my almond milk vs. rice milk experiment, but it's about to happen because I just ran out of coffee creamer this morning. So the game is on. I'll let you know how I survive.

Besides eating many of my meals at work this week, I also made strides towards using up the veggies in my fridge. I made one of my favorites - curly kale casserole - and otherwise subsisted on 'junk' in the form of pocket bread and Earth Balance. Not too healthy. But two big bunches of asparagus in the fridge are calling my name and I may even roast them while I sit here working from home today. That's multi-tasking appropriate for work, right?


A. said...

We've been experimenting with some dairy substitutes while Lucy's been on a dairy-free diet. The rice milk isn't bad - a little watery, but tastes good. It made some very nice whole grain pancakes with some Earth's Balance and syrup - yum! We used the original flavored rice milk, so slightly sweet.

I made muffins with coconut milk (the canned kind) - very good! The milk was so thick that I had to cut it with some water, though. I just found cartons of "So Delicious" brand coconut milk at the grocery store, though, and may try that next time as I think it is more like regular milk consistency.

Let me know if you get brave enough to try any non-dairy cheese products! They kind of scare me, but maybe they've come a long way from the one time I tried a piece of soy cheese in college (yuck!).

Einat said...

So pretty! I'm definitely bloom challenged.

Janet said...

So glad it's almost over and went so well. In the mean time your garden is growing beautifully!