02 May 2010

growing: yellow

Marigolds, to be exact. Big fluffy ones. Two terracotta pots full of them on the back stoop.

The weekend has been a relatively quiet one - yard work, cleaning, laundry, reading magazines (still working on my March issues!), and a work event last night. I've got the sprinkler on the borage and strawberry patch right now. It rained for all of one minute today. What a tease.

On the menu for tonight is a simple dinner - it's way too hot to cook something complicated. I think just some roasted asparagus with whole wheat spaghetti. It has been my standby meal for much of the past month or so. I'm fully embracing asparagus season since I know it is near its end. But I rarely do anything other than roast it. Just tastes way too good to change my habits.


Anonymous said...

i've been stockpiling my asparagus ends for stock to make cream of asparagus soup. Only hitch is, I've never had it (or made it) before so I don't even know if I'd like it. It also seems like much more of a winter soup... so i haven't pulled the trigger on making it yet.

Gretchen said...

I'm right there with you. I have pretty much all asparagus ends in my freezer stock box. Guess I'll need to do something like that soon.

L. said...

So pretty!