04 May 2010

new creamer and new milks

First of all, I know many of you may be pleased not to see yet another picture of something growing in my garden. You're welcome. I'll save that for next time. This post is to cover the great milk experiment of 2010 - Gretchen going "vegan" or at least flirting with the idea when it comes to dairy products at home. Up first? Switching out skim organic cow's milk for other kinds of milk.

The ones I've now tried:
~ Almond Breeze, Vanilla flavor - this I use every morning now for my coffee. Do I taste vanilla? Not really, but as I wean myself off of Coffeemate, I'll take anything I can, even if it is just psychological. I was able to find this at my local Giant food in the refrigerated section (although it seems Almond Breeze comes in boxes on the shelf too?).
~ Rice Dream, Original flavor - this I use for my other milk needs, a.k.a. cereal. Taste? Well, like nothing really, which is what I had with skim milk anyway, so I feel no loss whatsoever. Although this does have a hint of sweetness compared to skim cow's milk (not bad or good). I bought this at my local Wegman's store in the natural foods section.

So, what am I really, truly thinking? I'm feeling pretty good about the switch. No nasty stomach issues like I had with soy milk. I think this switch might be a keeper! Baby step one complete. Next up? Cheese. Wish me luck (A - I'll let you know of any great discoveries).

Okay, and I needed an excuse to show off my new cat creamer. Isn't it adorable? Found at Sur la Table (in Richmond, VA) for under $2. Goes pretty well with my Pottery Barn (outlet) simple white coffee cups and sugar bowl. Just a little fun.


Cathy said...

Yay for milk options other than soy!

Janet said...

I just like the name "Almond Breeze"...I am such a sucker for that sort of thing. Happy, happy morning coffee!