06 May 2010

growing: poppies

Working from home today, vacation day tomorrow (to catch up on some errands, yard work, etc.), then a workshop on Monday. This means I don't actually have to get in my car and drive to work until Tuesday. I can't tell you how excited I am about that. Not that I don't love my job.

Cool breezes this morning, so I have the windows all wide open and am hoping to survive today without the air conditioner. The Virginia humidity has set in, so even 75 degrees feels horrific when accompanied by pea soup humidity. Makes me very sluggish. But I kind of like the excuse to move a little slower and be a little lazier. I need to buy a bottle of Pimm's during my errand-running tomorrow. The borage plants in the garden are just screaming to be added to some Pimm's and soda.

Speaking of the garden (sorry!), the rain showers at the beginning of the week must have been just what the poppy plant needed because two poppy flowers have bloomed. They are gigantic. The poppies tower over the other plants in the bed. Not like the small wild poppies growing in the median on the road I take to work (which are beautiful too). Speaking of the wild poppies, I'm not alone in my love - I saw a man stopped taking pictures the other day. As in down in the gully of the median with his zoom lens. Would have liked to see what he captured.


Einat said...

kind of looks like a spaceship. :)

Abby said...

Gretchen, I would love to see a picture of your ENTIRE garden! I like the individual pix but have a hard time imagining the whole thing. Will you indulge? It sounds like it must be breathtaking. I vividly remember taking pix of the wild poppies on a trip out to Luray Caverns one summer with Kristina. So beautiful, definitely picture worthy!