07 April 2010

here, there, everywhere

Random thoughts this morning:

~ Gracie and Colette are in their summer lounging mode. A little looking out the window, a lot of laying down here, there, everywhere (bathtub, middle of the hallway, back of the living room armchair).

~ I wore a cute black jersey sleeveless dress yesterday (92 degrees) that I got on sale at the end of the summer last year at J. Crew. It was my first wearing (don't you love cutting off tags?) and I adored the dress. You'll see me in it quite a lot. Very easy - like a t-shirt, only with ruffles and a skirt.

~ When I changed out my winter clothes to summer ones I seemed to forget to do the same on the bed. Last night was fun with a duvet. I think I slept pretty much with my legs and arms out (cannot sleep totally in the open) the whole night.

~ After I got home last night I did a little survey of garden progress. I am happy to report that the lilac bush my helpful neighbor seemed to like to weed-whack last summer is actually coming back. I've built a little fence around it in hopes that Steve doesn't get too ambitious. Likely won't grow enough to bloom or anything glorious like that, but at least it lives!

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L. said...

I actually broke down yesterday and turned on the a/c; I think the cats appreciated the coolness more than I did! Supposedly things will cool off over the weekend--keep your fingers crossed.