06 April 2010

summer storms

The summer storm season has arrived - evenings with rolls of thunder, streaks of lightning, and torrential downpours that catch you unawares. I love the smell of a storm rolling in and the dark that descends and then leaves as quickly as it came. Getting caught in the storm is a blessing in disguise, with big rain drops refreshing you like running through a giant sprinkler. I used to love putting on my bathing suit and running around in the summer rain as a kid (sans the lightning, of course). I didn't do that last night, although I'm sure my neighbor Steve would have enjoyed watching that with the requisite beer can in his hand.

With the summertime weather's arrival, I've also made the wardrobe switch. From cashmere sweaters to linen shirts. Winter clothes have been packed up and put in the attic until cold weather descends again (sadly I know it will). Picked up some new goodies thanks to my parents and some birthday money and have worn pretty much every new thing this past week. One of my favorites: a ruffled chambray tunic from Anthropologie that I can wear with dark jeans or black peddle pushers and flip-flops.

P.S. Yes, I do realize it's only April, but when the weather is set to be over 90 degrees today, I'd say it's summer all the way...

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