04 April 2010

first farmers' market outing

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous one weather-wise, and I took full advantage by working in the yard for quite some time. Mowed my clover, which I discovered does have some grass mixed in. Pulled weeds in part of the garden (it would have been too ambitious to do it all). And pulled out my garden notebook to double-check my plant layouts that a) should be coming back or b) had nothing plotted there although something was growing there.

A nice morning walk to the farmers' market and coffee shop - the inaugural outing that means growing/farming season is upon us in Fredericksburg, VA. Not all the vendors were at the market, but there were at least a dozen offering up plants, eggs, honey, baked goods, meats, and other things. The one produce provider had limited offerings but I did buy about 5 pounds of asparagus (no pesticides), cilantro, and spring onions for an Easter recipe (plus more asparagus for me later this week).

New rules have descended upon the Fredericksburg City Farmers' Market it seems. Something about food actually having to be grown locally! Amazing. The big produce vendor (C&T) doesn't seem too happy about it, but I for one am tickled pink. I can now count on all the produce offered to be either grown by the vendor or from within 75 miles. Very exciting and will hopefully give some advantage to the little farms that certainly can't compete with avocados like had been previously offered by some stands. And yes, C&T, I realize that I won't get Georgia peaches, but hey, Virginia peaches are yummy too.

I spent some time with my favorite herb/plant vendor talking about what I should put in my garden. Oh, and the borage that I bought from him last year is not only coming back, but has spread (because I let it die down and self-seed). More Pimms Cups in my future.

This morning I drank coffee outside while I surveyed the back garden. I am thinking of transplanting my extra-large rosemary bush to make more room for veggies. I need to get my planting started and did buy some arugula seedlings yesterday because I like a little instant gratification. If I can get a trellis system set up like the one pictured (from Colonial Williamsburg), I may try for some English peas as well. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Yay! Exciting time of year full of hope and opportunity. I also went for some instant gratification today. I got 5 mixed greens transplants and popped them in between open spaces in the veggie patch.

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Good for your Farmers Market, for tightening the rules!

Are you loving Anne of Green Gables, by the way? I just read it for the first time, believe it or not and I enjoyed it so much.