02 April 2010


Back last evening from a 4-day trip to Baltimore for a workshop. I took today off as a comp day and am enjoying being back in my own bed and a little down time. Today promises to be beautiful - sunny & 80 degrees - so I seemed to time this whole thing pretty perfectly. Score.

Over the last few days the yard has seemed to blossom. With clover, that is. What to do? I see one of my neighbors has already started mowing his lawn and I am feeling a little guilty for sitting inside this morning, windows open, playing on the computer instead of mowing my clover. That's what I'm going to call my lawn from now on. If I remember.

Heading out later this afternoon to run errands. I need to head to the craft store to get a frame for this one scratchboard of my late cat Tabitha that I made back in high school (when I was all artistic and what-not). We'll see what else I pick up. This has me a little inspired as well.

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M said...

I'm kind of guilty over the height of the weeds (there is no grass) in my yard, too. Clarence has mowed the yards next door twice already!

See you at RJI in a little bit!