30 March 2010

lovely weekend

A lovely weekend with the parents to celebrate my birthday. We spent some time eating (at Kybecca and Soup & Taco), shopping (at the farmers' market, Simpatica, and Anthropologie down in Richmond), and just hanging out. Dad also took the time to hang a hook for my bike, which had been taking up precious floor space. Plus, there was a cake. A chocolate sour cream pound cake. Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful birthday weekend.

I snuck about and cut some of the daffodils growing wild in the woods at work. They are a soft cream color (a little worse for the wear in some spots), but certainly brighten up the living room.


Stacey said...

Every time I see the daffodils come up I tell myself I must plant more bulbs in the fall....I planted some last fall and the flowers have been going strong for over a week, even through heavy rain. That makes me very happy! Glad you had a nice birthday.

L. said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday weekend!