11 May 2010

hip and trendy grandma

A happy belated Mother's Day to the moms, grandmas, and mothers-to-be. We had a lovely 88th birthday/Mother's Day lunch with my grandmother, mother, and my mother's friend Melissa on Saturday. For her birthday, Grandma wanted to be hip and trendy and asked for a HOBO wallet. Most of the women in my family have one. They are the absolute best. Hold tons of cards, lots of compartments, easy magnet closure, and roomy enough that I can stick in my cell phone and a lip gloss and use it as a clutch. I had to laugh when I went to Simpatica to buy it for my 88 year old grandmother. Too cute.

Saturday night and Sunday, my mother and I stayed over in Old Town Alexandria, VA and did a little shopping, a little eating, and a little drinking (specifically the Thai Tiger from Mai Thai - lemongrass and chili pepper in your drink).

The peace lily in the living room is blooming. Very striking. I know peace lilies are supposed to be good for low light conditions, but why does it seem like the flower is leaning toward the window as if it craves the sunlight. Or maybe it's just me.


Janet said...

Cute grandma, indeed! Glad to hear everyone had such a happy mother's day.

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Ah, I love the idea of a bright blue HOBO Wallet for your grandmother. That is too cute!