19 June 2010

growing: broccoli

When I planted the vegetable/herb patch this year, I thought ahead to my summertime menus. What are my favorite summer veggies that I can't get enough of? Zucchini, yes; eggplant, yes; dill and basil, yes please. But I was most excited this year about broccoli. I didn't know how to grow it and cheated slightly, buying a small plant from the herb vendor at the farmer's market.

I planted it in the ground, watered it routinely, and lo and behold, it has been producing broccoli (unlike the, ahem, eggplant). Not a huge amount, but after harvesting the central crown the plant now has three smaller offspring that are just waiting to jump on my plate.

I made something like this pasta salad earlier in the week with farmer's market broccoli, but hope to make it with my own garden variety very soon. Perhaps even taking a batch to my friend L. who is about to pop!


L. said...

Can broccoli induce labor? If so, bring me all that you have! :)

Einat said...

There's nothing like fresh broccoli off the plant. So sweet and tender!

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Do you know I've never had fresh broccoli? Now you've got me craving it. Maybe I'll plant some for next year.

Your garden has got me so inspired.