25 June 2010

looking forward

It is June 25 and I'm already looking forward to the July 4 weekend. July 5 especially as it is a holiday off of work and I officially have nothing to do. Very exciting. I'm beginning to think I have a bit of a split personality: on one hand I like being around people and I talk to random strangers in the grocery store line or at the doctor's office, but there are other days where I just want to not talk to people at all. Just the way it is I guess, so July 5 will be my official 'not talking to anyone at all' holiday. Just a warning.

In other news, the broccoli is going bonkers in the garden, and I've harvested a couple more zucchini too. The wheels are turning in my mind for some recipe experimenting this weekend. I'm thinking I need to also make a summertime favorite: Corn and Basil Tart. I have three ears of corn from my CSA bag in the fridge and a bunch of basil growing in the garden. With my vegan experiment going on, not sure how it will work, but I'll give it a try anyway.


JC said...

I love how you officially are planning July 5 to be your introvert day. I totally understand what you mean! Enjoy :)

T. said...

Oh, I have those days (or, weeks..) sometimes too!! Enjoy! xo

Janet said...

Corn and basil tart sounds fantastic. Enjoy that broccoli and the solitude of the 5th. I am off to make spinach quiche... xo