28 June 2010

Eating: squash and corn

Saturday's farmer's market drive-by was just that - a drive by to pick up my CSA bag and then off to work (boo - weekend work). I thought I would have time to plan some interesting meals to post here, but alas I've been a bit distracted.

The result? Summer vegetables are piled high in colanders on my kitchen counter (tomatoes and potatoes) and in the bins and shelves of my fridge (squash, beans, eggplant, corn). Overwhelmed by my good fortune and lack of motivation, I made myself a simple dinner the other night because I simply could not be bothered with making anything complicated. And luckily, with ingredients fresh from the farm, they don't need a whole lot of messing around with. (I know Janet is with me on this.) Sauteed summer squashes with fresh corn (cut off the cob) over whole wheat couscous. Sprinkle of salt and pepper. Casual cloth napkin. Glass of bubbly water. Simple, summertime comfort food.

I'll try a little better in the coming days. I promise. Or if you have ideas for me to try, just let me know...in the meantime, I'll be here eating my veggies.


Einat said...

It's a cruel irony that with all the bounty of the summer (and the garden) it's too busy and hot to really cook in the kitchen.

I've got a giant bag of plums and cannot stand the thought of heating up my kitchen for a jam session.

Anonymous said...

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