01 July 2010

summer sunning

We've had 100-degree sunshiney weather this week. In the summer months being a pale-skinned girl has its challenges. When I was younger I would try to tan but instead would burn and peel, revealing a little bit of color underneath that I relished like it was a deep bronze. Then came tanning beds with my friends in high school, which I'm glad to say I only did a handful of times. Luckily in college good options in self-tanning lotions came up and I jumped on that bandwagon, only to look a little orange and worse than pale.

So I learned to embrace my paleness. Right in time to pay for my sins. I have a standing date with a dermatologist and seem to have at least one questionable mole removed every year since.

I think my little Gracie has inherited my issue. She has grown a dot on the tip of her nose. Our vet may need to recommend a little kitty sunscreen or something for Gracie's window ledge sunning sessions.

Enjoy the sun everyone (but wear sunscreen - my current cruelty-free favorite is Alba Hawaiian Green Tea with 45 SPF).


M said...

Good to see Gracie looking happy and healthy (albeit with a dot on her nose!)

Janet said...

I have embraced the paleness indeed. I never leave home these days without a long-sleeve white linen shirt and a very large straw hat. Stay cool...and have a happy 4th. xo