31 December 2010


I've been enjoying a mini holiday at home. A staycation, if you will. It involves some pretty serious lounging. In bed. Until lunchtime. Catching up on blogs, drinking coffee, cuddling with a certain black cat named Colette, and reading. Oh, and maybe watching my latest netflix (Twilight for the hundredth time - I should really just buy it).

Key to this scheme is my current assortment of bed pillows. I have my normal sleeping pillows (two stacked are necessary) and my cute colorful crocheted throw pillows (which you can catch a glimpse of behind the cat), but the addition of some big puffy square pillows to prop behind me has been the linchpin. Truly.

I need to drag myself out of bed at some point this morning to run some errands and get ready for a new year's eve outing. I'll do that in a little while...


M said...

So what did you finally decide to do for New Years Eve?

T. said...

I am insanely jealous!! Happy new year!!