03 January 2011

new year

Happy new year everyone. We enjoyed a lovely, warm (well, 50 degrees or so) new year's weekend, but now the weather is back to cold and blustery. Brrr...

The house is still a mess, but the Christmas decorations are slowly getting packed away and order is returning. Things I'm loving in the new year:

1. The anticipation of an orchid about to bloom. I've hardly paid attention to it and hate to jinx it, but had to share my excitement.
2. Lip Junkie lip gloss in jilted. Pop of color and tingle of peppermint. Plus, cruelty-free/vegan.
3. Arugula.
4. Organizational supplies at Target. This time of year is second only to back-to-school for eye candy at Target - bins and binders and organizing supplies galore. I partook of the festivities by purchasing small flat boxes (for my overwhelming supply of ribbon rolls) and one large bin (for excess Christmas decor). In lime green, of course.
5. Seventh Generation fabric softener sheets that you can add to the compost pile.
6. The first seed catalogue to arrive in the mail. Making me dream of English peas and warm dirt.

Simple joys. But those are the best kind sometimes. Off to snuggle under the duvet...


L. said...

I was bitten by the organizational bug, too! I came home from Target the other day with a lime green bin (for Sammy, of course) and a new little laundry basket.

T. said...

If only those 7th Generation dryer sheets actually worked! I was so disappointed in them. I am getting those rubber dryer balls, as soon as I can find them.

Gretchen said...

T - I actually like the SG sheets better than the dryer balls. But maybe our dryers are different... I do use the sheets in combo with liquid fabric softener (Method brand), so maybe that's why I like them.