26 February 2011

crock pot banana nut bread

I've been away for about a week for work - at a conference enjoying great lectures and house tours (as well as afternoon teatime).  Before leaving last weekend I was able to pull out the crock pot and bake some banana nut bread.  The crock pot I use is my mother's old 1970s version.  In avocado green.  Stylish.  But I also have a Rival crock pot bread pan that makes making banana nut bread a cinch (and prevents more in-depth cleanup of a crock pot without a removable insert).

The freezer is chock full of frozen bananas that get a little too ripe and never get eaten.  But instead of composting or trashing them, I just throw them (peel and all) into the freezer.  So I pulled out three frozen bananas and set them on a plate to thaw while I researched a new recipe to try.  Here's the one I used (using pecans instead of walnuts), but there are plenty of versions out there.  I liked that this included the use of dark corn syrup - an ingredient I have in the cupboard but never seem to need.  In order to veganize it, I also used Ener-G egg replacer and Earth Balance vegan buttery sticks.

The bread is not too soft and works well for slicing and topping with peanut butter for a quick breakfast.  The rest can be wrapped in foil and thrown into the freezer.  Along with all those bananas.

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L. said...

Mmmm, sounds delicious!