30 March 2011


Ants have invaded the kitchen.  Not just on the floor (as has been the case in years past), but now in the cabinets (honey!) and countertops (yes, crumbs).  I've been researching eco-friendly (a.k.a. cheap, on-hand) solutions and have broken out the cinnamon sprinkling and now spray down my counters and cabinets with a mixture of white vinegar and water.  But I feel like I'm losing the battle and commercial ant traps may not be far behind.  Although on the bright side, each spot the ants discover makes it necessary to take up the contents and clean like nobody's business.  Spring cleaning spot-by-spot!  Today I've taken the day off from work to get errands and other tasks done and I'm going to try to investigate outside and see if I can spot the nest or point of entry (somewhere behind the stove) from the exterior.  What an exciting day-off activity, right? 

You are all jealous, I know.


Cathy said...

Doesn't Borax (along your baseboards, etc.) help with ant infestations?

Sadly we found that nothing short of ant bait (professionally installed and safe enough for me to be around while pregnant according to my midwife) did anything for us.

Gretchen said...

Borax isn't safe around animals, so I've been avoiding that (just in case the cats want to eat it). Cinnamon has worked just fine before, but don't know how much more patience I have... :(

Heather said...

We had an ant problem in our last house and I sprayed them with scrubby bubbles. I left the spray down until all the bubbles popped. The ants died in their tracks and never revisited any of the areas I used scrubby bubbles! GL

L. said...

I've used cinnamon before and supposedly cayenne pepper comes in handy--anything that's fine and powdery basically suffocates them. I'll have the remember the vinegar trick as I'm sure the ants are slowly marching their way up here. Ugh.