31 March 2011

blue, part two

The bedroom is actually making me pretty happy now with its bright blue accent wall that coordinates nicely with the random assortment of pillows and throws as well as the painting of the Grand Tetons I have hanging on the wall.  (Disclaimer:  I've never been, but my father lived for some time in Wyoming growing up and this was painted by his uncle decades ago.  But owning this makes me want to fill a wall with retro paintings of mountains...).

Because the room is so small, the bed really dominates, and now the blue wall draws your eye away from the wall of cabinets/dresser/shoes on the opposite side of the room behind the door.  Which is a good thing.  The nightstand is one from my childhood bedroom; the bed from Ikea; and the lamp (one of a pair) from my mother's room growing up.  On the bed - large pillow covers:  Ikea; crocheted pillow cover:  HomeGoods; coverlet and shams:  handmedown (but originally old-school-JCPenney); quilt:  L.L.Bean (reverse side of pieced quilt face); cat:  Colette.


Molly said...

Looks so pretty!!

L. said...

It looks lovely! I can't wait to see it in person!