14 May 2011


In lieu of baby pictures, I tend to take flower and food pictures.  I apologize to all who will invariably sigh and say, oh another picture of squash. Or in this case poppies.  But I must admit that growing things in my garden seems still like such dumb luck that I feel the need to document my good fortune.  And the garden is ever-changing this time of year - the poppies budding in the beginning of the month bloomed and have since fallen just two weeks later.  Fleeting moments.  So you'll just have to keep sighing and put up with it.  Thank you in advance.

I cannot recall for the life of me much of what has been occupying my time over the last couple of weeks except for an especially busy (and emotionally-draining) time at work and a bit of a family emergency with my 89-year-old grandmother.  But with things settling back down a bit, I've been enjoying the sense of calm that comes after such a storm.

On Thursday I was off from work and enjoyed the beautiful! weather with Elizabeth and L. and their beautiful children.  A picnic in the park and then some antiquing with L. in downtown Fredericksburg.  For our main picnic fare I made a version of this particular pasta salad recipe (using edamame instead of peas), which I really thought called for WAY too much feta cheese, but L. and Elizabeth insisted it was balanced by the acid/lemon.  So a somewhat success.

Chilly and rainy weekend ahead.  The grass needs a good mowing (with my new electric lawn mower!) but will have to hold off until it dries out a bit.  I DO need to get the snap peas into the garden, though.  The seedlings are going hog-wild on the kitchen table and I'm afraid they'll link up with the ceiling fan if I don't get them outside and on a trellis asap.


A. said...

I enjoy your garden bounty pictures, and often worry that I bore the "masses" that read my blog with the many baby pics that end up there. :-)

T. said...

I enjoy your photos as well - you really have a gift. And I am sure the masses are like, seriously, ANOTHER picture of that kid in her high chair?!? :-)

L. said...

I live vicariously through your green thumb, so I say you need to take even more photos of how your garden grows!