02 May 2011


l to r:  lily of the valley; sage bud; English daisy; Oriental poppy bud
I've decided that I am destined to be one of those old ladies with baggy dirt-stained pants who putters in her garden, tending to her plants like children.  Was in Richmond yesterday and saw some beautiful front-yard gardens and some older women dressed up for a neighborhood garden tour.  Last week was Historic Garden Week in Virginia and I'm seriously contemplating checking into joining the Garden Club of Virginia (although feel I may be a tad too young and too non-profit).  But in the meantime, am continuing to take photos of my garden like nobody's business.

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Cathy said...

I think there are often younger groups that are like what you want the Garden Club to be in most towns. I know in Richmond we have the Herb Society (which does volunteer work maintaining our garden at JMH among other things) and the friends of the LGBG (which has that great table with the locally grown plants at the plant sale). There's gotta be something like that in Fred.