30 April 2011

Lettuce and iPhones

 I've finally started some summertime seeds.  Woefully behind.  So behind in fact, that the lettuce that I left to bolt and self seed last year has actually appeared and made some real progress already.  Hopefully my little seedlings of beets, lettuce (more of the red spotted), snap peas, basil, and poppies (not to eat, but to look pretty) will catch up soon.  I just used an inexpensive Burpee bamboo/natural seed tray kit that I picked up at Tar-jay.  Convenience is key when you are a procrastinator like me.

My father and I were just having a discussion the other day about how I am such a procrastinator and have always been.  I explained that this trait continues into my adult life because I've never failed to make something happen at the last minute, so what is the point of not doing what comes natural?  Now that I've sent that thought out into the universe I know it will come back to bite me.

Yesterday I took a half day off work and took care of two projects that I kept putting off (after my father threatened and then followed through on calling me at 7AM to remind me).  First, I got my passport application turned in for my England trip this summer.  The post office lady assured me I had plenty of time.  Whew.  Then I took my car to get an oil change (okay, a third thing on my list there), and took the hour appointment time to walk over to the phone store to get myself into the 21st century.  I've now upgraded my cell phone to an *gasp* iPhone.  Really.  When I turned in my cute pink bar phone to the girl for donation she actually laughed.  And then tried to make me feel better by commenting on how good a condition it was in.  Oh, and wouldn't you know that I got the last $49 iPhone they had in the store.  Score.  Another Whew.

Of course when the numbers were transferred between phones I lost all numbers except JKL in my address book.  So, if I like you and you like me and you want me to call you (and your name isn't Janet, Krissy, Laura, etc.), please send me a text, etc. with your number.  Otherwise, the phone store girl and I decided that it was fate and that this was a good clean break - out with old numbers that mean nothing to modern me.  A fresh start.

Today is a little chilly and I'm headed into work today, so will need to search out my cute Boden pink linen coat to throw on.  I'm thinking black pants, white shirt, pink coat, and some funky earrings. 

Have become addicted (and I mean addicted) to Friday Night Lights via Netflix streaming.  Oh my.  Started Season 2 last night and have a feeling a marathon will be happening this evening.  Friday Night Lights on a Saturday - I know - I live on the edge.


Cathy said...

I was *wondering* how I suddenly got a "sent from my iPhone" message from you. Enjoy! Getting a Smart Phone changed my life (I think for the better).

Gonna go send you my phone number now.

JBR said...

Loving the new season of "Friday Night Lights" on NBC. That show on a Friday night -- I know -- I [too] live on the edge. Such a great show.

L. said...

You got an iPhone and I joined the Facebook in the span of one weekend?!? What is the world coming to? :D