08 June 2011


Slowly but surely I am eating my way through this week's CSA bag.  My friend L. is handily coming over for dinner tonight to assist in this endeavor.  I'm part way through the red pepper sauce and spinach noodles and have a distinct feeling that they will be completely gone after tonight's meal.  I did cheat and give away the cucumbers to my coworker Abby.  Not a cucumber fan, and this way they don't go to waste (or to compost!).  Next up:  fava beans.

Possibly inspired by my upcoming trip to England, I've been really getting into Brit girls, music-wise.  Kate Nash is my newest crush.  She and I spend a good 30 minutes together every morning as I run/walk to her kooky, catchy songs.  The one about a crazy crush is my favorite.


A. said...

Looks yummy!

L. said...

I can personally attest that it was very delicious! Thank you for a lovely dinner!