15 June 2011


Missed the farmers' market CSA bag this weekend, but still have some fresh veggies on hand (and more that I picked up) to tide me over until Saturday.  Arugula salad with over easy eggs and balsamic vinegar dressing fit the bill one night.  A quick dinner of whole wheat pasta, fresh peas, lemon-flavored olive oil another evening.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing with a recipe.

We had a little bit of rain recently and the grass shot up in response.  Mowing the lawn brings such a sense of satisfaction, doesn't it?  To look out over a freshly-shorn lawn is much like looking at a newly-vacuumed carpet.  Makes me happy.  Don't judge.

However, the lack of rain has also meant that the snap peas I planted a while back have withered and died.  I have hopes for the herbs and lettuce, but we'll see.  I'm trying to not get too invested in the edible garden this summer since I will be gone for over one month and won't be able to tend to it.  Makes me a little sad.

Slowly making my way through Jane Eyre (the Penguin hardcover with Coralie Bickford-Smith cover, of course).  Reading it for the first time since college (gasp!), I am finding myself enjoying the details of the story and language.  Finding little quotes that I read aloud just for the pleasure of their imagery. Next up on the purchase list:  either Tess of the D'Urbervilles (love!) or Wuthering Heights.  Can't decide...

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leann said...

when i was a child (and, if i'm being honest, to this day) i loved nothing more than seeing the lines on the freshly vacuumed carpet. it was the best part of cleaning up. if ever i have a child, i hope to impart that same charming, potentially OCD quirk to them. glad to know i'm not alone. :)