29 June 2011

veggie sandwich and Hyde Park

The past few weeks I've been getting ready for my adventures in England. First a few days in London and then three weeks of the Attingham Summer School (summer camp for historic house curators).

My arrival in London included getting a little lost on the tube (but was pointed in the right direction by a lovely gentleman who had visited Cinninati, Ohio before, and so we talked a bit about being stateside).

Finding the rental flat wasn't too bad, but dragging a 45lb suitcase up five sets of rickety stairs was quite a workout! Rainy afternoon, but I walked a bit, found a few shops, and bought myself a humous, carrot, and salad greens sandwich on wholemeal bread (just one of MANY veggie options) for dinner.

Today I was up at my normal time, went for a beautiful run/walk in Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, and then got a croissant and iced cafe americano (very appropriate) to enjoy in the little square by the flat.


L. said...

Sounds like your trip is getting off to a great start, minus the five-story walk-up of course. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!

Stephany said...

I love your updates!! I told your mom I hoped you would blog a bit so I could live vicariously through your England adventure! :) Have FUN!!