30 June 2011


Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day in London - the sun was shining and the weather warm but with a breeze. Dressed in layers, I welcomed the opportunity to take off my cardigan and soak in some sun as I walked through Kensington Gardens. Stopping every so often to skip through fields of daisies (okay, not really, but I did wander through the fields a bit).

I took the afternoon to make my way to Kensington Palace for the Enchanted Palace tour. A turn on the traditional historic house tour (look at this pretty room full of old things, yawn), each of the open rooms provided a themed look at a person or idea found in the royal history of the palace. Given a map and a quest to find seven princesses, you wander through the spaces - listening, watching, reading, talking. I must admit I stepped into many of the rooms and just stood absorbed in the mood.

Unfortunately the orangery at Kensington Palace closed early for an event, so no tea for me. Instead, another fascinating veggie sandwich - Brie, grapes, cranberry chutney, lettuce, and mayo. A little heavy, but I'm determined to give them all a try!

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