01 August 2011

crashing waves

The month I spent in England and Wales was fun and exciting but certainly not what I would call a vacation.  I was go, go, go from early in the morning until at least 10 o'clock at night, thinking and learning and just being 'on.'

Vacation, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to just relax and turn the mind off and do whatever you want, whenever you want.  Yesterday afternoon I arrived at my family's rented beach house and am already feeling more relaxed.  I slept last night with the bedroom windows wide open and the sound of waves lulling me to sleep.  Better than any sleep machine "crashing waves" sound effect.

Today we have big plans:  sit on the beach; eat; drink; chat.  I can't wait...

Btw, my good friend L. has designed a new, fantastic blog header for me, which you see in a cut-off manner.  Guess I'm going to need her mad skillz to help me understand how to resize, etc.  Please be patient with me - I'm on vacation!


L. said...

I'm a little green with envy--I could certainly use some "big plans" like yours! :D

P.S. Let me know when you're back and I'll help you tweak things on your blog--glad you like the new header!

Janet said...

Enjoy and relax! The new blog header looks fantastic!!