26 September 2011

eating: mushroom ragout and polenta

Although the past few days have been warm and muggy, I've been thinking about fall and all its deliciousness - butternut squash and apples, to be specific.  For a leisurely dinner the other night, we made this mushroom ragout with spinach-parmesan polenta.  It was warm and 'meaty,' although I sadly didn't buy enough spinach and we didn't have time to thaw some frozen I had stocked away.  So, I can imagine it would be even better with more greens.  But paired with some rosemary bread and a glass of red wine, it was a warm and comforting meal.

Recipe collecting is an addiction of mine.  Sometimes I feel like there should be a Pinterest for online recipes.  Although I guess you could use it for that.  Hmmm...(I need another internet-based addiction like I need a hole in the head, though!).

Sadly the mountain cabin idea is falling through due to lack of interest from a large group.  Perhaps we need to plan better next year.  But the beau and I may try to still do a fallish getaway.  Some leaf-peeping and apple-picking, perhaps.  Now if only the weather would cooperate and actually turn to autumn, we'd be on our way.

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JBR said...

This sounds (and looks) fantastic! I'll definitely try it. Bon voyage! I did read easy way to press water out of frozen spinach - if you're interested.